about LABH2O

Water Resources and Environment Laboratory

The Water Resources and Environment Laboratory (LABH2O), which works with the Civil Engineering Program at COPPE/UFRJ, was conceived in 2010 with a view to adopting a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective in training future scientific leaders in the field. of water resources. In tune with social demands, the Laboratory operates with the support of undergraduate and graduate students (masters and doctorates), placing great emphasis on the emerging issue of integrated management of watersheds.

The formation of the new Laboratory brings together and integrates the Laboratories that historically came to be developed together with the Civil Engineering Program of COPPE/UFRJ, namely: Laboratory of Tracers (1972); Hydrology Laboratory (1987) and Computational Hydraulics Laboratory (1998).

The main mission of the Laboratory of Water Resources and the Environment is the construction of a database and the development of analysis tools that can be integrated into a decision support system aimed at managing water resources with support in environmental modeling and hydrometeorological monitoring and of global climate change at the basin scale.